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Support TUC bid for Nov 30th Chart Success!

Ahead of the Day of Action on 30 November, the TUC has brought together a group of public sector staff as The Workers to re-record the classic song Let’s Work Together as a charity track that celebrates everything that is good about the public sector and raises money for today’s pensioners.

The song was launched on Monday 21 November to chart on Sunday 27 November – the week of the TUC Day of Action.

The Workers are 14-strong and include a firefighter, probation officers, a teacher, civil servant, social worker, student support officer and health service staff including a nurse, midwives, a physiotherapist and a clinical engineer.

The aim of the song is to get people talking about the importance of the public sector and its staff in a week when the government wants to focus on union bashing.

The single will also raise money for charity. A major part of the sale price, equivalent to about 40p out of the 99p cost in most outlets, will be donated by the TUC to Age UK to show support for today’s pensioners.

Let’s Work Together is available to download from 2pm on Sunday 20 November on iTunes, amazon and other major online retail outlets. Further information about the band and how to buy the single is available at

The more singles that are bought, the higher the chart placing and the more attention the song will get. This is why we need your support!

Ways for people to support the song:

Create a buzz ahead of the release of the song by posting the website on to Facebook / Twitter and forwarding the link to friends, family colleagues.
Encourage people to buy the song next week by re-tweeting info about your favourite band member, posting the website on Facebook and asking your favourite radio station to play the song.

Buying this record will also give 40p to Age UK (Age Concern) 

Spike! – Physios and Top Civil Servants out on Nov 30th

The largest strike since the general strike in 1926 now looks likely to happen on 30 November when unions with members in the public sector take action to oppose the worsening of their pensions. Even the FDA the First Division Association of the civil service has voted 81% for strike action on a 54% turnout and the Charted Society of Physiotherapy has voted 86% for on a 66% turnout. The message to the Tories is loud and clear: stay with the agreement reached with the Labour Government only four years ago. Ed Miliband might also like to take note and realise this is actually the ‘squeezed middle’ on strike and find it possible to support the agreement he was party to.

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