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A Note on Celyn

Celyn was a hard copy occasional paper that sought to bring together the left in Wales. Under the by-line of ‘Green, Left and Spiky’, it offered discussion from various strands in the green movement, Labour, Plaid , the CP and the likes of CND in Wales and these currents were represented on the editorial team. In short, it was an effort to provide a unifying forum for the left in Wales.

Running a regular journal isn’t easy, without finances behind us. To sustain the effort, we shifted to a digital format pulled together by myself, no expert in journalism or IT – I had been a recent student of Adobe InDesign used on the later editions of the hard copy. When Leanne Wood was elected to the leadership of Plaid Cymru, we lost one of our core ‘raisons d’etre’ and the inputs declined.

I could not politically justify running Celyn as a journal as a ‘sole trader’, a singular political voice. It functions sporadically, perhaps naughtily on my part, as a repository for my occasional blogs.

On the other hand, there remains a clear need for such effort in Wales and I remain very happy to leave the ‘blog’ open and accessible to those who wish to publish under that basic ‘green red’ rubric, not to mention ‘spiky’. Perhaps we can continue as a blog for a while and make a case for something more structured in future. For now, if you’d like to publish, please leave a note on these pages and I will get back to you.

Thanks; diolch yn fawr


February 2020

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