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Adam Price calls for Wood vote in Plaid leadership race

Adam Price urges progressives to join Plaid and vote for Leanne to build a fairer Wales

Dear friend,

This is a passionate plea for you to join Plaid Cymru in the next five days – the cut-off point to qualify to vote – so you can help Leanne Wood become Leader.

In my view, there has never been a more important time for progressives and patriots and Welsh internationalists to join the party.

We live in a time when old structures, old ideas and old ways of thinking are everywhere in crisis. A world and a Wales that is calling out for the new.

Political and economic systems worldwide have failed to deliver the promised prosperity and justice and people are yearning for alternatives. But where is that alternative? At home in a United Kingdom divided like never before between the super privileged and the severely pressured, a Labour Party born of struggle thinks the answer now to crisis is to cut the wages of the low-paid – as the coal-owners did in 1926.

In Wales thankfully we have an alternative, if we choose to act. We have an alternative in Plaid, if we choose to act. And Plaid has an alternative in Leanne, if we choose to act.
She is a fighter and a dreamer, mixing the mental toughness of an Annie Powell with the persuasive power of a Jennie Eirian.

A politician who understands that to be a progressive means turning our dreams – economic justice, ecological resilience, true democracy, a bilingual Wales, and yes, independence – into reality, making the impossible possible, daring to call the bluff of the apologists of power.

Many of our people find themselves caught in a daily struggle to make ends meet. Any politician knows they must speak to the urgency of their current concerns, the problems of the here and now. But a leader inspires them to lift up their eyes from the difficulties of the present to imagine a radically different future that we can fashion together.

Leanne Wood is one such leader. Wales and the world need her like. But she cannot do it alone.

For the Wales we have been waiting for,
For a world we are yet to create,
Do this now, but for the future
Join Plaid and vote for Leanne for Leader.

Thank you!

Adam Price is former Plaid Cymru MP for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr. He is currently a research fellow at Harvard University in the US..

For further information on Plaid Cymru and the leadership vote

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