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Spike! – Welsh Labour Grassroots supports Occupy Cardiff

The Occupy Cardiff campaign receives support from Welsh left socialists’ steering committee.

Welsh Labour Grassroots (WLG), the network of left and centre-left activists in the Welsh Labour party, pledges our full support to ‘Occupy Cardiff’. The international ‘Occupy’ movement has been a huge inspiration to millions around the world seeking equality, social justice and democratic control over the economy. It has struck a chord with the ‘99%’ who are excluded from real power and has forced the global elite onto the defensive.

We therefore welcome the initiative to establish ‘Occupy Cardiff’ and deplore the eviction by the police, with wholly unnecessary force, of the initial encampment from the grounds of Cardiff Castle. We support your decision to reassemble at Transport House – the organisational hub of the labour movement in Wales – and we commend you for the links you have made between the occupations and industrial struggles and for your solidarity with trade unions taking strike action on 30th November.

Like you, we believe that direct action and industrial action are both important elements – alongside other campaigning methods – of the struggle for an alternative to the present unjust and irrational world order. Your efforts help to make the case for such an alternative and demonstrate that ordinary people can challenge the irresponsible and unaccountable ‘1%’.

We offer you our solidarity and pledge to raise awareness of, and support for, your actions through our activities in the Labour party, the trade unions and other areas of political activity.

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