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Spike! – Occupy Cardiff, eye-witness

… One member of the public who was passing by struck up a conversation with me, saying how great it was that this is happening here now, and that he supports it 100%. Cars were honking their horns as they went past as well, which was good to hear, but the police presence was steadily growing in numbers which was a little irritating. They were getting more involved than was necessary for the situation.

It seemed very odd because a similar protest camp had been set up on the same grounds earlier this year without any initial police interest whatsoever. All the other Occupy camps across the UK have been relatively free from police interference, yet we even had police horses on the ground and the FIT filming us.

Read the full account at Occupy Cardiff: What happened.

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  1. We are not clear why this has been posted here except, possibly, that our Occupy Cardiff ‘Spike’, has been posted on the Congressman’s site, but note that the possible ‘punching’ of the horse is a direct response to the clearly hurtful truncheoning of that protestor just a few seconds earlier. Indeed, he may have thought that the horse had butted him!

    November 20, 2011

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