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Nightfall. A poem by Richard Jones, October 2011

Draw near my faithful friend. Come take my jewelled words. Their journey nears an end. The forest throngs with silent birds.   Follow the path, across the hill. There is no other you can take. Climb up where the air is still, High above the shimmering lake.   Follow the kestrel’s sun red wings. They’ll lead you to the water’s edge. Tread carefully as he brings You down to cool slate ledge.   Then swing back your mighty arm. Aim as you sense my heart begin to swell. Aim at the centre of the calm When that moment comes, only you can tell.   Jewels cast away no longer charm.. No need to mark their hiding place. Now watch a skin of ice begin to form Memories of a once familiar face.   More poems from Richard ‘Rej’ Jones can be found on the lively blog ‘A Fistful of Poetry’ at http://a-fistful-of-poetry. archived together with over 250 others. In a little under 5 years the blog has been picked up in 97 different countries in 2020 towns and cities.

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