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From Max Keiser Report

Here we are, alive and well!

Welcome, one and all, to Celyn on-line.

The broad green left forum that Celyn established over the past three years re-appears with its cross-party and independent range of comment and analysis relevant to life in Wales. The volunteer collective that established and ran Celyn found printing and distribution costs too much to continue producing the magazine as frequently as we would like. The initial set-up donations from the Ceri Evans Memorial Trust, the former contributors to Triban Coch magazine and other individuals are close to running out.

As an editorial board, we decided to move to this on-line version and stop producing the magazine in printed form. In time, and with support, we may print one-off or special issue copies should political circumstances warrant it.

Our aim is to maintain the support and momentum that built up around Celyn since its inception. Via Celyn and others, the green/left/nationalist movements in Wales have shown a capacity to work together on areas of mutual agreement – against the cuts, defending jobs, against the racists, on environmental issues, in support of oppressed communities, in solidarity with international events, in defence of Welsh language and culture, not to mention the social and economic gains made by the British workers over the last hundred years and more.

Celyn has brought people together from different political traditions and fostered respectful, non-tribal communication. Global political circumstances are producing grave challenges for Wales, now and for at least the next decade. To promote progressive, green socialist politics in Wales and resist moves towards neo-liberal, racist and imperialist politics, we strive for communications beyond and outwith party political boundaries. We hope that Celyn will continue to make such a contribution.

Do please join with us. In the words of new technology, and perhaps the old, ‘Like’ us on the Celyn Facebook page or ‘Follow’ us on Twitter @CelynWales to be kept informed of new articles, events, gatherings and gossip. We encourage you to comment on our stories and make contributions yourself.

Donations to support the on-line project can be paid directly to our account: Celyn, Cooperative Bank, PO Box 250, Skelmersdale, WN8 6WT Sort Code: 08 92 99 Account Number: 65345548

Finally, we are keen to widen the discussion base and editorial board. If you have skills, articles or other resources you can contribute to Celyn Online/Ar-lein, please contact us saying how and why you would like to be involved. Please include samples of links from any articles you have had published (if applicable).

Do please let us know your views on the new format. We look forward to your comments and contributions.

Diolch yn fawr

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